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The trend for 'baby' Botox: 10 of the best practitioners

Alice Hart-Davis's guide to the best Botox treatments.
Dr Rita Rakus. Originally known as "London's lip queen", she is also a dab hand at natural-looking Botox

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“I always return to Dr Rakus for my Botox treatment because I trust her immensely - she always does such an extraordinary job! It’s such a pleasure to be greeted so warmly by her exceptional staff. They always remember my name which means a lot. I truly wouldn’t put myself in the hand of anyone else. Dr Rakus is truly the best!”


“Dr Rakus Clinic is a Botox® Training Centre led by Mr. Kambiz Golchin
a Key Opinion Leader for Allergan ”

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Alice Hart-Davis's
'baby' Botox guide:
10 of the best practitioners
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Botox Cosmetic

Patient After Care Advice

Please adhere to the following guidelines after your treatment

For at least 4 hours after the treatment

  • Avoid leaning forward and activities which involve bending
  • Do not lie on the treated area

For at least 12 hours after the treatment

  • Do not shampoo your hair or have a scalp massage
  • Do not wear anything tight on the head
    e.g. hats, caps, hair bands etc.
  • Avoid extreme expressions
  • Do not apply makeup to the treated area
  • If you need to cleanse or apply make-up to the treated area do not apply pressure use only gentle upward strokes

For at least 24 hours after the treatment

  • Avoid exercise

For at least 2 days after the treatment

  • Do not rub or massage the treated area
  • Gently pat the skin dry with a soft towel after washing
  • Do not take any aspirin or drugs containing aspirin, e.g. Nurofen
  • Do not take vitamin E tablets

For 7 days after the treatment

  • Do not have CACI or any electrical beauty treatments
  • Do not have microdermabrasion
  • Do not have facial electrolysis
  • Do not have facial laser treatments
  • Do not have glycolic or fruit acid peels

For 2 weeks after the treatment

  • Do not have any facial massage or treatment of any kind
  • Avoid extremes of temperatures including saunas and steam baths
  • Avoid strong sunlight

Other tips

  • Any tiny bumps or marks will usually disappear within a few hours after treatment. Bruising is rare, but if it does occur please be assured that this will resolve within a few days. You may take Arnica tablets to help the bruising settle
  • The results of your treatment may take up to 14 days to take full effect and you are encouraged to return to see your practitioner within 2 3 weeks so that your treatment regime can be reviewed and a top-up administered if required
  • The results of your treatment are not permanent. You may find that your results will last approximately 3 – 4 months. We advise that you return between the 12 and 16 week time period or before the effects of the product fully wear off for further treatment.

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“My treatment is the best investment any woman could make for herself and is better than a week in Spain”.


"I have had this treatment for the last year and am delighted with the results, many of my clients are thrilled with the results too. The changes are subtle and make you look refreshed. Dr Rita lives up to the quote 'Lose 5 years in 5 minutes'."

Margaret A.

"Friends are telling me I look very young and never more beautiful - I'm 60!

When I first started treatment I only wanted to use small amounts of injections. Now I leave the amounts up to Dr. Rakus and I can truly say 'more is better' - don't hesitate to go for it!"

Diane D. New York

“The Botox looks fantastic – it has really made a difference. I was talking to my husband last night about City Bonuses being down so much next year and what we could cut down on. As I said to him “we can do without the trip to Mauritius next year, but the Botox® will be the last thing to go!!”
Claire P., aged 43

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