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“Since I had my CoolSculpting procedure earlier this year I have been away on holiday and worn a bikini for the first time in years! All my friends have noticed a big difference and commented on it and were asking about the treatment which I would highly recommend”! *

Coolscupting before 
Coolsculpting* 8 Weeks After Coolsculpting Treatment
Procedure by A. Jay Burns, MD

“I have had the most amazing result following my CoolSculpt treatment in June at Dr Rita Rakus’s clinic. It was such an easy treatment and the result has just got better and better over the last 3 months. My problem bulge has gone for good – no more muffin-top for me!”*


Coolsculpting before 
Coolsculpting after*
Procedure by
Suzanne Kilmer, MD


Anti-aging Special Coming Soon Dermatologists are known for many things, but being excitable isn't one of them (they're the cautiously optimistic type). Yet even top doctors are eagerly awaiting the arrival of these new innovative skin tools and treatments.
CoolSculpting by Zeltiq, the body-fat-zapping machine that freezes and destroys unwanted fat cells, has two new features this year. The first is a curved hand piece (the CoolCurve+) that allows doctors to treat larger curved or soft areas of the body "The current hand pieces work well, but the new ones can cover more surface.” says Comstock. With the new design, patients gel maximum slimming in a single sitting. The second improvement, the CootFit, has a flat, broad base that covers the stomach area quickly-it allows 38 percent more surface contact, destroying more fat cells per treatment cycle.

Coolsculpting before 


Coolsculpting after*

16 Weeks After Coolsculpting Treatment Procedure John B. Fasano, MD

Here's what Suzie had to say about Dr. Rita Rakus on What Clinic
"I would never go any where else"
Were you pleased with the treatment?
'I have been going to Rita Rakus for many years now. Everyone is friendly and professional in her clinic. She does a great job and is quick and pain free. She only recommends things she thinks will help and often says when I don't need things. I trust her totally and I look great thanks to her. Her fillers are sensational! I would never go any where else.'
Treatments: Fillers & Pellevé.*

Suzie UK,


Dr Galyna Selezneva has graduated from the Coolsculpting University in California and heads up our department, so you know you're in good hands!




Fine-tuning your figure has never been this effective


Freeze Your FAT Away


The latest weapon of choice: the freezer.



Lose those annoying
bumps and bulges of stubborn fat

Dr Rita Rakus Says: Coolsculpting is designed for stubborn fat areas – those that no amount of exercise and dieting can treat. Think body sculpting rather than fat reduction.

Those unwanted areas of fat are not called stubborn fat for nothing: however much you exercise or watch your diet they stubbornly refuse to shift.

Now there is CoolSculpting, the newest, most innovative, non-surgical and natural way to quickly treat those unwanted lumps and bumps of fat.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting, a clinically proven procedure that involves freezing fat cells without damage to your skin, was developed by Harvard scientists.


Practically no downtime.

After your treatment, you get on with your day.

You will see a noticeable reduction of fat after one treatment. Further treatments can be arranged if your doctor deems it necessary.

CoolSculpting Process

Why Choose Coolsculpting?

  • Effective body contouring treatment without surgery or downtime
  • Coolsculpting’s results happen gradually for more natural looking results
  • Treatments only take one hour so you can get on with the rest of your day

What Should I Do Now?

Please use the contact form or call the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic +44(0)20 7460 7324 to book a free consultation with us in Knightsbridge, London.

From there we will talk you through the procedure and alternatives and then schedule an appointment for treatment.

Consultation is required prior to treatment.

What The Press Say…

Coolsculpting, Dr Rakus and her treatments have been covered in the press.

“Just as you thought the cold had no redeeming qualities, along comes CoolSculpting to freeze fat out of existence. Unlike liposuction there are no needles, no scalpels and no scars. It’s one treatment, lasting one hour, before you can get on with your day.”*
Susannah Butter, Evening Standard (22 Jan 2013)

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Coolscultping Before 



8 Weeks After First Coolsculpting Treatment


9 Weeks After second Coolsculpting Treatment

Procedure by Edward Becker, MD


4 BELLY BAN TREATMENT COOLSCULPTING It’s based on the belief that cold is like kryptonite for fat cells. HOW IT WORKS A suction-cup-like device placed on the area to be treated painlessly draws the tissue in and cools the fat cells, which eventually shrink and leave the body naturally, explains Dr. Jean Carruthers, a Vancouver-based cosmetic surgeon. BEST FOR l it people looking for a non-invasivc way to fight a stubborn belly bulge, love handles or flabby upper arms. RECOVERY TIME None. PRICE S 1,500 per procedure. COMMITMENT A one- to two- hour session per area. RESULTS The fat cells are removed, but you won't see results for at least two months

Coolsculpting before 
Coolsculpting after*
Procedure by A. Jay Burns, MD

CoolSculpting before 


CoolSculpting after*

8 Weeks After Coolsculpting Treatment
Procedure by Flor A. Mayoral, MD

CoolSculpting in Shape

Slimming Solution

Ask your doctor about the device that helps you lose inches on your lunch hour.

Having switched to Dr. Rakus recently for lips, cheeks & wrinkle treatment I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made.
Previous treatments by other practitioners were often a disappointment, but not so at Dr. Rakus's clinic. She was incredibly knowledgeable & inspired confidence immediately. She really understands the face and I love the results. The staff at her clinic are all lovely and very efficient - making the experience a pleasant one all round. Thank you Dr. Rakus - I have my youthful face back!

Coolsculpting before 


Coolsculpting after*

16 Weeks After Coolsculpting Treatment
Procedure John B. Fasano, MD

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