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"I have been a client of Dr Rita Rakus for 4 years. My loyalty is based upon quality of service, in every way. Dr Rakus not only puts me at ease, she also provides a pain-free procedure with great results. I attend The Orangery in Bath which is a clean, modern environment with exceptional staff members who are polite, friendly and always greet with a smile. I would recommend both Dr Rakus and The Orangery to my family and friends, something that I believe speaks volumes in itself."

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Patient Treatment FAQ’s

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How many treatments are needed until the fat depot is completely dissolved?

The number of treatments is dependent on the personal response of every individual. But there are some general recommendations from the experience with the product:

Indication # Treatments
Chin 2 – 4, no US
Prejowl sulcus 2 – 4, no US
Arm pits 2 – 4, US
Upper arms 2 – 4, no US
Thoracic rolls 2 – 4, US
Abdomen 3 – 6, US
Hips 3 – 6, US
Saddle bags 3 – 6, US
Inner thighs 3 – 6, US
Knees 3 – 6, US
Lipoma 2 – 4, US

Can AQUALYX be administered during pregnancy & lactation?

AQUALYX is clearly contra-indicated for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Do dissolved fat cells return or redevelop?

From today’s scientific knowledge no dissolved fat cell will ever return or be redeveloped by the body. Nevertheless remaining fat cells can dramatically increase their size. Therefore it is important to stay on a balanced nutrition protocol and keep on moving.

Which measures can assist the success of a treatment with AQUALYX?

We recommend a balanced nutrition protocol and regular exercises. The application of ultrasound right after the injection treatment will support the success as well. Helpful are also lymph drainage, the intake of amino acids and the so-called pressure therapy.

Can I eat anything I want now?

If you eat anything you want the dissolved fat will simply appear on other parts of your body or remaining fat cells will increase their size. The success of any fat method dissolving (AQUALYX, liposuction, cryolipolysis) is dependent on a balanced nutrition protocol.

In which case is AQUALYX contra-indicated?

Patients who are pregnant or during lactation
Patients with diabetes
Patients with allergies against one or more of the contained components
Patients with a medical history including anaphylactic reactions and/or severe allergies
Patients with an autoimmune disease
Patients with acute or chronic skin diseases in the affected area
Patients with other severe organic diseases

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Ultrasound and Thermage treatments

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Thermage treatment by Dale Isaacson

“I personally found the Thermage treatment painless overall with some tenderness under the chin/neck area, however, nowhere near the ‘cigarette stubbing’ pain level I had read about.!"


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