"After 38 years of mental abuse, I had finally found the courage to leave my marriage. My self-esteem was non existent. I read an article in Tatler magazine aboutDr Rita Rakusand decided I would tryBotox®and Restylane. The results have been super. I am now happy to face the world on my own, feeling confident and self assured. I have since had treatments to take away fat pouches from my chin. This has also been a great success. Thank you, Dr Rita Rakus".

Catherine D.

In the hands of Dr Rakus every patient is an artistic expression

Elle thermage treatment
better than Botox?
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Thermage skin treatment
fast-track beach body
Daily Mail
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Thermage skin treatment
New Collagen with
RF technology, FT
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"The new Restylane Lipp treatment gave my lips an amazingly natural and soft look. They look beautiful and the treatment lasted for months. Really great."

Nora MC.

“Apart from the obvious lift effect I really notice the difference in the appearance of my skin. It looks fresh and dewy and, at the age of 43, it is wonderful to have young looking skin again! Thank "

A.B. 10.05.07

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