Black Diamond Award 2012 Dr Rita Rakus

Dr Rakus has been awarded
the prestigious Black Diamond Award for Thermage, Fraxel and

Dr Rita Rakus Exellence Award Winner 2013

"I went out for lunch with my cousin one week after my last Thermage treatment. She and I had not had a "relaxed get together" for years and she said "I have noticed how wonderful your neck & jowl area is Jeanie for years, what have you been doing????" I confessed about my Thermage treatments at Dunham Consulting with Dr Rakus!!!! She said she had noticed it for years (when we met fleetingly at the family weddings/funerals), but never found the right intimate moment to ask!

It is these kind of incidents that I find the most profound about having a Thermage treatment!"

Jeanie Allan

“FX laser combined with PRP treatment has given me the skin I have always dreamed of! The PRP helped my skin recover from FX much more quickly than I could have imagined and has left it with a lovely glow!”


"Dr Rita Rakus Is the Best!
When I decided to apply dermal fillers for my fine lines, I have researched for the best cosmetic doctor in London, and this is how I've came to Dr Rita Rakus's Clinique. Beside her most helpful and the kindest staff in the Clinique, Dr Rita Rakus herself is extremely professional, kind, guiding and she does certainly make sure that, you will receive the best treatment. She had done my Juvaderm Plus fillers, Pelleve at my first time in the Clinique and in my other visit also done my Botox as well. I am extremely happy with all my results and it is for certain that Dr Rita Rakus is the Queen in the cosmetic treatments field. From now on, whenever I need a non-surgical cosmetic treatment, I know that Dr Rakus's Clinique will be my only and the most reliable destination"



Dr Rakus says: "Lymphastim is widely regarded as one of the best ways to stimulate the lymphatic system which helps to drain away metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces thus helping to reduce cellulite, swelling and pain with no downtime."

What is the Lymphastim teatment?

This is state-of-the art technology developed in the USA to specifically assist lymphatic drainage.

The most common applications for the Lymphastim are:

  • Anti-cellulite treatment
  • Body contouring
  • Volume reduction
  • ‘Heavy leg’ syndrome
  • Skin elasticity improvement
  • Skin and body regeneration
  • After liposuction care
  • Exilis therapy enhancement

How does the Lymphastim treatment work?

The treatment involves mechanical stimulation of the lymphatic circulation and works on the same principle as manual lymphatic drainage.

LymphastimYour legs and lower torso are placed into a ‘legging suit’ which is inflated and pressurised using compressed air for a period of time.

The Lymphastim System also works on the following areas of the body:

  • LymphastimMuscles - Relaxation and calms spasms
    Removal of excessive liquids with metabolic products
  • Circulatory system support - Enhancement of blood circulation and oxygen supply
  • Digestive system - Massage and compression of abdomen
    Stimulation of digestive tract
  • Skin- Firmer skin and tone restoration

Can I have the Lymphastim treatment?

Most patients are suitable for this treatment. Some may be advised not to proceed, such as those who have a history of varicose veins, blood clotting disorder or cancer. Also before and after air travel.

For best results combine with

What Should I Do Now?

Please use the contact form above or alternatively call the Dr Rita Rakus Clinic on
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From there we will talk you through the procedure and alternatives and then schedule an appointment for treatment. Consultation is required prior to treatment.

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Here's what SuzieCooke had to say about Dr. Rita Rakus on on UK,
Were you pleased with the treatment?
I have been going to Rita Rakus for many years now. Everyone is friendly and professional in her clinic. She does a great job and is quick and pain free. She only recommends things she thinks will help and often says when I don't need things. I trust her totally and I look great thanks to her. Her fillers are sensational! I would never go any where else.

Fillers & Botox & Pellevé

Having switched to Dr. Rakus recently for lips, cheeks & bottox I can honestly say that it was the best decision I've ever made.

Previous treatments by other practitioners were often a disappointment, but not so at Dr. Rakus's clinic. She was incredibly knowledgeable & inspired confidence immediately. She really understands the face and I love the results. The staff at her clinic are all lovely and very efficient - making the experience a pleasant one all round.

Thankyou Dr.Rakus - I have my youthful face back!


Here's what Kirstie had to say about Dr. Rita Rakus on

Medical Aesthetics Specialist Consultation

Very happy

Were you pleased with the treatment?
Lovely clinic and staff and I was very happy with my treatment and results. Will be my clinic of choice now.

Here's what Isabelle had to say about Dr. Rita Rakus on under
"Lip Enhancement"

Dr Rita Rakus knows about lips! She was very confident during the procedure and gave me the result I wanted to have. My asymmetrical lips are now corrected and they look beautiful and so natural. The only downside is that her filler treatments are a bit pricey. However, I will definitely recommend her treatments to anyone who wishes to get beautiful natural lips!

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