Thermage skin treatment
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Thermage skin treatment
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This Clip: The Today Show on Sculptra

Dr. Leslie Baumann, a 301 investigator, was featured administering an injection to a patient. Two patients who participated in the trial were also interviewed and described their satisfaction with the treatment. The segment mentioned that SculptraAesthetic "doesn't freeze time, it helps you grow some of it back." Dr. Baumann said that she has seen the results last up to three years and make the face look ten years younger.

Dr. Baumann also addressed side effects by citing a patient who she treated in Atlanta and stressed the importance of going to a trained professional.

Dr. Baumann's pre-recorded segment was followed by an in studio Q&A with Dr. Roshini Raj, medical editor of Health Magazine and assistant professor from the NYU School of Medicine. Today Show host, Ann Curry, posed several questions about side effects, most of which are covered in the product labelling. Dr. Raj was objective about the product benefits including the importance of patients going to a Sculptra trained physician. She also provided support for the product's safety profile by reinforcing it has been used in Europe and the US for many years.

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